The following players are the duly nominated Banyule Legends.

To be considered for nomination and ultimately selection as a ‘Legend' of the Banyule Football Club an individual must have made an outstanding contribution as a player and in addition also have a significant playing record. Whilst such criteria does not preclude nomination of a Reserves player with such a pedigree, such a nomination would only be considered in exceptional circumstances, the emphasis instead should always be as a priority, outstanding performance whilst playing in the Senior team.

Outstanding achievement record should be measured by achievements (Best and Fairest and other awards, Captaincy and Leadership etc),whilst significant playing record should consider consistency/longevity (games played and duration at the club)

 1. Hard work - in the way they have trained and played
 2. Respect for their club, team-mates and their opponents
 3. Pride in their performance and that of the team
 4. Honesty and integrity about how they should act
 5. Trust in each other
 6. Courage
 7. Discipline

No 4 Martin Legge
No 25 Michael Power
No 15 Stephen 'Hoota' Gray
No 22 John Gilham
No 10 Marcus Fraumano
No 5 Craig Ladd
No 30 Brett Gillies
No 18 John Turnbull
No 3 Leigh Holt
No 55 David Williams
No 2 David Witchell
No 28 Rick Brockwell
No 5 Ash Brown
No 21 Tony Luby
No 5 Brad Wilmore
No 9 Jason Plant
No 20 Scott Playfair
No 33 Adam Barclay