Rnd 2: Sat 8th April vs Epping at R.J. Brockwell Oval


13 . 8 . (86)
10 . 12 . (72)

Goals: Kroussoratis 3, Loton 2, Barclay 2, Balcombe, Allery, Cabdi, Kelly, Henness, Malone

Best: Henness, Biscontin, Kelly, Cabdi, Keath, McDonald


Match Report:
Like the week before, Saturday’s result came off the back of a very strong first half performance. Kicking with the aid of a strong breeze, we took advantage of a number of quality inside 50s and took the ascendancy by converting 8 majors which included 2 freakish snaps from James Kroussoratis. More pleasing however, was our efforts kicking against the wind in the second quarter where our defenders did an outstanding job in keeping Epping’s dangerous forward line to only 2 goals. A strong performance in the midfield assisted our forwards in scoring two goals at the other end. The game took a different complexion in the second half with Epping taking control in the middle but once again, our defenders repelled most entries and we were able to run out 14 point victors in a really positive showing. Young players Artan Cabdi, Riley Keath and Mikey Edwards were outstanding throughout the afternoon, the former kicking a pivotal goal in the third from the boundary line. Brandon Henness played a huge game getting his hands on everything in the ruck, whilst Nick Biscontin, supported by Adam Fulton and Jake Hooper, was outstanding down back. Dan Kelly’s performance in the middle of the ground showed the qualities that has seen him elevated to our leadership group for 2017. Going into Easter with two wins is great reward for strong efforts on the training track and we now look forward to another tough contest against St Marys in two weeks


8 . 6 . (54)
9 . 9 . (63)

Goals: D. Wells 2, M. Borg, J. Clarke, M. Smith, M. Centofanti, D. Langford, D. Coulson

Best: J. Clark, J. Clarke, L. Delaney, M. Centofanti, C. Buckley, D. Coulson


Match Report:
On a hot windy day it was always going to be a hard game. With a number of players missing from last week and having 4-5 players that have only trained a few weeks, it was always going to be hard to run the game out . In a game that the wind controlled from one end and where only two goals were kicked all day down the club room end, it was good to see we battled all day and never gave up.





Match Report:

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